Music: Harriet Petherick Bushman. Book & Lyrics: Marita Phillips

The Hive is buzzing.  Gatherer bees fly in with bags of honey, some bees are cleaning, others are guarding, and Droneybee is droning on, doing nothing in his deck chair. All sing “Doing what we’re meant to do.”

       Outside the Hive bees collect nectar while delivering love letters from flower to flower. They sing, “They haven’t got legs, they haven’t got wings, if we don’t help the romance, there’ll be no flowers next spring.”  Dramabee catches sight of a Hornet and flies screaming into the Hive.

        Fearybee explains that even one Hornet can destroy a colony of bees and that their stings cannot kill it.  Gossipybee says that she’s heard of some bees who surrounded a hornet and cooked it to death.

        The Queen arrives with her attendants.  Some baby bees have just hatched and the Queen appoints them to their different jobs.  She warns them only to use their stings in the utmost emergency.  If a bee stings it dies.  They sing, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

        But there is one little bee who is not happy with her appointment, she sings, “My name is Glorybee, I must live gloriously.  Gatherer! For goodness sake.  There’s been a huge mistake.”  The Bees teach Glorybee the Waggle dance.  It shows where they have to go to gather the nectar that day.

While they are out the Beekeeper arrives to collect the honeycomb. He puffs smoke round the Hive to make the Bees sleepy so they aren’t afraid.  He sings, “Every flower, bird and bee is a part of you and me. And we all are one and nature is our mother.”

Glorybee returns to find the bees recovering from the smoke and the honeycomb gone.  She decides the Beekeeper is the enemy.  She doesn’t want to believe the Queen who explains he is their friend.  She is looking for a cause.  She wants to be a hero.  Gradually she convinces the others that the Beekeeper must be destroyed. Look at the damage humans do to the planet.                                                                               

Busy with her plans, Glorybee fails to notice a Hornet.  She has sown such discord in the colony that the Queen is sick.  She writes a final letter to the Queen, explaining she is sacrificing her life for her.

The bees follow Glorybee and gather ready to attack the Beekeeper. Suddenly she notices the Hornet. The bees panic but Glorybee orders them back into the Hive while she persuades the Hornet to follow her in.  Once inside the bees surround the Hornet and cook him.

While the bees celebrate, Glorybee sits miserably by herself.  She realises what she has done.  When the Queen congratulates her on gathering the Bees together and killing the Hornet, Glorybee confesses she was thinking only about herself. It was a terrible mistake.  The Queen asks: “Was it just a mistake or a lesson learned?”  Glorybee says: “Definitely a lesson learned.” She sings, “Alone we are nothing, What good is one small bee? But put us all together, And you’ll see what we achieve.”  All the bees sing, “The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”